Signs Your Car Needs A Tune-Up

Posted on: 24 August 2017

With so many moving parts in your car, it only makes sense that you will need to get a tune-up from time to time. This will allow a mechanic to thoroughly inspect your vehicle so that small problems can be caught before they cause serious damage. Tune-ups will cover routine maintenance and part replacement if necessary.

However, you may ignore the need for a tune-up until there's a very obvious problem, which, at that point, will be too late. Here are three reasons to take your car to a mechanic and have it looked at.

Slow Acceleration

Is your vehicle taking longer than usual to accelerate? This may be noticeable when you need to get up to top speeds when merging onto the freeway. While the car still works and gets you to your destination, the lack of engine pep signals that something is wrong.

You may not notice gradual power loss over the years while accelerating, but sudden power loss should be a big concern. Pay attention to the amount of gas you consume because you may not be getting horrible gas mileage. Take your car in to get an engine tune-up, which should help resolve or identify the problem.

Unexplained Noises and Vibrations

Has your car started to make an odd sound that wasn't there before? Is the car vibrating at odd times? This could be a sign that there is a much bigger issue with your car.

Intermittent noises and vibrations are difficult to diagnose, especially if the car is not showing the signs when you have the time to visit a mechanic. Try to take a video on your phone to show to a mechanic later. Knowing what the exact sound is could be enough to help identify what is wrong. For example, knowing that the noise occurs while shifting gears can help identify that you have transmission problems.

Warning LIghts

Does everything seem fine, except for that "service engine soon" indicator lit up on your dashboard? Don't ignore the warning light; have the car looked at immediately. The warning code can be identified by a mechanic so they'll know what the exact problem is. It could be something very simple that requires a replacement part, which will get you back on the road and avoiding accidental damage.

These are just a few reasons to take your vehicle in for a tune-up. Always take your vehicle to a mechanic at an auto shop like Malibu Motors Service at the first sign of trouble to avoid bigger complications down the road.