What To Do When A Refrigerated Truck Breaks Down

Posted on: 6 August 2017

Certain products must remain refrigerated in order to be in a good condition when they are delivered to their final destination. If you are driving a refrigerated struck and it breaks down or there is something wrong with the refrigeration unit.

Safety First

Like with any other truck, you will want to navigate it to a location where it will no longer be in danger. If you are not able to move the refrigerated truck at all, turn on the emergency lights. Do not exit the truck unless you are certain that you can do so safely. 

Protecting The Cargo

The truck is insulated and will be able to keep the cool air inside for awhile. This should usually be long enough to have your truck serviced or at least for a replacement refrigerated truck to arrive so that the goods can be transported to the new truck. Make sure to not open the door because the cold air will rush out and your cargo will perish more quickly. You should ideally have a second truck available for situations like this. 

If your truck is new, find out if it is under warranty. If the truck is defective, you may be able to have the truck repaired for free or receive compensation for any repairs. You may also be able to receive compensation for any lost cargo. If you do need to replace your refrigeration truck, it is important to replace it with a high-quality unit that will be less likely to break down.

In some cases, the cooling system might simply break down. Fortunately, because the truck is highly insulated, you may be able to save your cargo. You may run low on refrigerant fluid, which is a simple fix. Or, there might be a condenser coil that is dirty.

Mobile Fleet Maintenance To The Rescue

Fortunately, there are mobile fleet maintenance and repair services that will be able to arrive and inspect your truck to determine why it has broken down. With the help of the mobile fleet maintenance service, you will be able to get back on the road and you will be less likely to lose your cargo. Also, if you use a mobile fleet maintenance service regularly, you can be sure that your truck will always be in good condition and that breakdowns will be less likely. By not breaking down, you will not be placed in dangerous situations and will not have to replace your cargo.