Frequently Asked Questions About Vehicle Glass Insurance Claims

Posted on: 29 December 2022

There are a number of different ways that vehicle glass can become damaged. A rock may fly up and crack your windshield, your windshield may crack or shatter during an auto accident, someone may vandalize your car and break a window, or you can shatter a windshield by pouring hot water over ice. Regardless of how your windshield got damaged, you may have many questions about filling a vehicle glass insurance claim. Here are a few of the questions you may have, along with the answers. 

Do All Types of Auto Insurance Policies Cover Auto Glass? 

No, not all types of auto insurance policies cover auto glass. As a general rule of thumb, only full auto insurance policies, also known as comprehensive policies, cover auto glass replacement. Additionally, more and more insurance companies are offering add-ons for vehicle glass coverage for those who only have collision policies. An add-on, or an endorsement, covers that one specific element, or in this case, specifically covers vehicle glass. 

When Does It Make Sense to File a Vehicle Glass Insurance Claim? 

Before you file a vehicle glass insurance claim, it is always recommended that you read your policy or talk to your agent to find out how much your vehicle glass insurance deductible is. It only makes sense to file a glass insurance claim if your deductible is less than the cost of the replacement glass. If you have a high deductible, you may be better off just paying for the glass out of pocket. Always read your policy though, as many people do not realize that their auto glass insurance deductible may be cheaper than your auto collision deductible. 

Is Filing a Vehicle Glass Insurance Claim Different Than Filing Any Other Auto Insurance Claim? 

Filing a vehicle glass insurance claim is very similar to filing any other auto insurance claim. The biggest difference is that your car will likely not be inspected by a collision inspector solely for a vehicle glass replacement repair. This helps to expedite the process and helps you to get your windshield or auto glass replaced as quickly as possible. 

If your windshield was damaged and you have full auto insurance or a separate add-on for auto glass insurance, you can file an auto insurance claim to help pay for your new windshield. View your specific policy to find out what your deductible is for auto glass and then file a claim if the auto glass replacement exceeds the cost of your deductible.  

For more info about vehicle glass insurance claims, contact a local company.