Is It Normal for Water to Leak Under the Car When the AC Is On?

Posted on: 10 April 2018

You park in the driveway, and it's a few minutes before you actually get out of your car and head to the house. When you do get out and look back, there is a huge puddle of water on the ground under your car where the AC was running. For most car owners, this sight immediately brings about some concerns, and they specifically want to know: Is this normal? Those puddles of moisture left on the pavement after your car has sat idling with the AC on can be worrisome for sure.
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The Benefits Of Brush Touching A Scratch On Your Car

Posted on: 1 September 2017

If you have a scratch or scrape on your bumper or fender, you may have put off repairs because they can be costly. But many people fail to realize that there is an alternative to most bumper- and fender-scratch repairs. Brush touching is the process of applying paint to the affected area using various strokes of a brush. This helps to fill in the scratch or scrape, and disguise it. Learning the benefits will help you determine if brush touching is ideal for your car.
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Signs Your Car Needs A Tune-Up

Posted on: 24 August 2017

With so many moving parts in your car, it only makes sense that you will need to get a tune-up from time to time. This will allow a mechanic to thoroughly inspect your vehicle so that small problems can be caught before they cause serious damage. Tune-ups will cover routine maintenance and part replacement if necessary. However, you may ignore the need for a tune-up until there's a very obvious problem, which, at that point, will be too late.
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First-Time Car Owners: Get Your Windshield Chips Repaired ASAP!

Posted on: 19 August 2017

Those who just bought a new car may notice its windshield suffering from various types of damage. When this occurs, it is important to get repairs right away. Otherwise, there's a chance that they may need to buy a new windshield. Windshield Cracks Come In Many Types First-time car owners aren't likely to understand the various types of cracks that can occur in a windshield. For example, a chip is just a small fleck of glass broken away when a rock or small hard object strikes the window.
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