What To Do When A Refrigerated Truck Breaks Down

Posted on: 6 August 2017

Certain products must remain refrigerated in order to be in a good condition when they are delivered to their final destination. If you are driving a refrigerated struck and it breaks down or there is something wrong with the refrigeration unit. Safety First Like with any other truck, you will want to navigate it to a location where it will no longer be in danger. If you are not able to move the refrigerated truck at all, turn on the emergency lights.
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Tired Of Logistic Problems For Freight Shipping? What To Know

Posted on: 28 July 2017

If you are currently tired of relying on local logistics companies in your area to haul all of the large items you manufacture or custom build, and you aren't sure how to make things easier and more affordable, you may want to get your own freight truck. You want to get a freight truck that is used, and in good condition, and you can use it to start another business, work at your own pace, and to cut the costs and start earning more money for your business.
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