First-Time Car Owners: Get Your Windshield Chips Repaired ASAP!

Posted on: 19 August 2017

Those who just bought a new car may notice its windshield suffering from various types of damage. When this occurs, it is important to get repairs right away. Otherwise, there's a chance that they may need to buy a new windshield.

Windshield Cracks Come In Many Types

First-time car owners aren't likely to understand the various types of cracks that can occur in a windshield. For example, a chip is just a small fleck of glass broken away when a rock or small hard object strikes the window. However, a bull's eye crack occurs if something like a baseball hits the area and creates a circular crack around the impact point.

Serious cracks like this obviously require getting a windshield immediately replaced. However, new car owners may try to tolerate small cracks as a way of avoiding paying for repairs. This is a bad move because it can seriously impact the health of the windshield.

Small Chips Can Grow In Size

Anybody who has ever owned a car knows that a small chip can grow in size on a windshield very quickly. However, first-time car owners may not realize that a small chip will spread quickly if not taken care of properly. When driving a car, the movement of it across the pavement and on various uneven surfaces can cause the crack to spread.

While there are steps a person can take to avoid this problem, it is important to understand that a small chip is almost always going to end up becoming too large to manage. As a result, repairs should be handled as soon as possible to avoid the necessity of replacement.

It's Simpler To Get It Fixed

That's a big part of why it's better to simply get small chips and cracks repaired in a windshield the moment they appear. The cost of repair versus replacement is simply too steep. For example, small enough chips can be easily repaired with a $30 repair kit. Even a mobile repair service coming to a home could do it for under $60. That price goes up if the windshield must be replaced.

Meanwhile, getting a windshield completely replaced can cost as little as $185 but as much as $1,000. The reasons for these price variations are simple. The cost of the replacement will do a lot to influence it. However, the rates of the repair specialists will also vary depending on the area. They will do a great job, though, making sure that it is replaced.

So anyone who is staring at a window with a few chips and deciding on repairs should just make the plunge and do it right away. If not, they may end up with a large crack that necessitates a full replacement of a windshield. Contact a service, like Glass Pro Inc, for more help.