The Benefits Of Brush Touching A Scratch On Your Car

Posted on: 1 September 2017

If you have a scratch or scrape on your bumper or fender, you may have put off repairs because they can be costly. But many people fail to realize that there is an alternative to most bumper- and fender-scratch repairs. Brush touching is the process of applying paint to the affected area using various strokes of a brush. This helps to fill in the scratch or scrape, and disguise it. Learning the benefits will help you determine if brush touching is ideal for your car. 


One of the biggest benefits to brush touching a scratch on a car is the amount of time it takes. Brush touching can typically be done in less than an hour. Traditional scratch removal may take several hours, or even a day or two, depending on how busy the repair shop is and how long it takes the paint to dry. If you can't be without your car for a long period of time, or you don't want to wait multiple hours for a repair to be done, brush touching may be ideal for you. 


Another major benefit to brush touching is the cost. Brush touching can remove a scratch or scrape from your car for a fraction of the cost of traditional scratch- and scrape-removal methods. If you did not have insurance or do not want to file an insurance claim, you may be looking to have the damage repaired for as cheap as possible. Because it is faster and requires less labor, this technique can help you save money. 

Prevents Rust

The last benefit to brush touching is that it helps to prevent rust. If you have a scratch or scrape, you may not want to pay to have it professionally removed. However, if you fail to do so, water and moisture can reach the metal body of your car through the scrape or scratch, leading to rust. When you brush touch the car, you help to prevent rust from forming on your car. 

Brush touching is not ideal in every situation. The technique can only disguise small scratches and scrapes, and the coverage will not be as flawless as traditional repair methods. However, if you simply want to hide a small scratch or scrape for as cheap as possible, this can be a great alternative to costly scratch- and scrape-removal techniques. Contact your preferred auto-body repair shop to learn more about this technique, and find out if it will work on your car.