How To Prepare Your Car For An Emergency During A Road Trip

Posted on: 11 August 2017

Road trips can be one of the most rewarding and fun types of trips to take during the summer months. If you are really adventurous you might even embark on one during the winter months, perhaps escaping to the sunny west coast. You do need to prepare your car in the event of a possible emergency. Your car might end up broken down on a lonely strip of road and it could be awhile before assistance can reach you. Make sure you have these handy items with you before heading out on the road.

Car Fixes

While you won't be able to carry everything you need to fix your car on the fly, or you might not even have the expertise to do so, here are some items you should carry with you on a road trip that can help fix minor issues.

  • Tire repair kit that will include a can of tire fixant to fix a flat tire temporarily.

  • A set of jumper cables in case you need a start from a passing car.

  • Always carry coolant with you. Your car might overheat in extreme temperatures.

  • You should have roadside flares with you so other cars and roadside assistance can see you.

  • If you are driving away from gas stations into rural areas, then bring extra oil with you in case the engine runs low.

  • Windshield wiper fluid, especially if you are going into areas where you will see a lot of bugs.

  • Roadside assistance number either in your contact list on your phone, or written down in your glove box for easy access. You could also have a direct link via your car to a roadside assistance company such as On-star.

Important Items to Bring

There are other items you should bring with you on a road trip that are important to remember. You might be waiting for some time for help to come along and that can include another car. Make sure you have these items with you.

  • You should have snacks and water. You could be there for awhile and if it's hot, you will get thirsty and dehydrated. You need to keep your energy up too.

  • A First-aid kit is a must. It's possible that while you or someone else is trying to fix a flat tire, for example, they could be hurt and a first aid kit can help.

  • Baby wipes or antiseptic wipes are a good idea to help clean any dirt from wounds or to prevent you from getting sick after fixing a repair.

  • A blanket is a good idea even for warm days. It can get cooler at night if you are sitting in a car waiting for help for awhile. You can also use it to sit on outside the car should it get too hot to wait inside.

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